• µICRO MILK is a standalone unit specifically developed for Milk Data Collection for small societies.
  • µICRO MILK is a compact table top unit and has all the required Interfaces for: Weighing scale, FAT machines, CLR / CDI Printer
  • Functions: Milk collection deductions, printing reports, rate chart storage, communications with PC & other instruments.
  • Supply voltage : 230VAC +10%/-15%, 50Hz
  • External battery : 12V/7AH Sealed Lead Acid type. ( not provided)
  • Weighing machine interface (RS-232)
  • Fat machine interface
  • CDI/CLR machine interface
  • Printer interface (Centronix parallel) for EPSON FX/LX300/LX300+ or equivalent.
  • Maximum number of producers :- 500 (optional 1000)
  • Data Storage Limit : - 31 Days & 2 Shifts.
  • Language:- English, Marathi
  • Customer Name :- 36 max. alphanumeric characters
  • Payment Schedule :- 10/15/30 days
  • PC TRANSFER :- Yes (All Reports in English to PC)
  • Maximum No. of deductions :- 4
  • Monthly Summary for 12 months available
  • Extended slave display optional
  • Provision for manual weight fat & CLR entry:- Yes
  • Battery backup provision:- Yes

µicromilk data processing unit

µicromilk is a standalone table top unit specifically developed for milk data collection at all societies.It is a fast and convenient way of recording milk quality and quantity at the point of collection. It has a simple alphanumeric interface with menu driven options. Housed in a robust enclosure capable of handling harsh society conditions, it is an essential part of milk collection.

Instruments such as Weighing Scale, Electronic Milko Tester, CDI (SST ENGINEERS), Printer and Aux display are to be attached for collecting milk data and providing on-the-spot printed receipt, with quality, quantity and rate recorded. Dual level authentication security is provided for data correction and for changing setting. Master and rate chart can be updated via flash drive or computer. All manual entries are also possible, however will be marked with a star for easy recognition.

Further necessary information such as milk bill deduction of 4 types are stored for every producer. A summary of 500/1000 producers for all transactions can be stored for up to 365 days. Collected data can be transferred to main dairy for further processing and payment via flash drive, or wireless GPRS transfer in some models.

µicromilk is a well thought of platform to ease the daily chores of the society secretary. A 12V battery may be connected so that collection can continue uninterrupted even when there is a power outage.